Counseling for Couples

Couples counseling is offered in the following two ways:

Relationship Enhancement (RE):

This couples counseling is different from others as there are several activities inside and outside to practice these skills. This program is centered on increasing effective communication strategies to enhance a more loving and caring way to talk to each other where each person is given the tools to maintain respect during conflict and treat one another kindly. Debra Gionet LCSW is available to provide RE programs for couples’ counseling, group therapy, or as a workshop. Debra can facilitate this workshop at local churches, community centers, schools, universities, libraries, and for clubs or groups.

Premarital Counseling:

Frequently couples spend more time and money preparing for their wedding day than they do for their marital relationship! Improve your chances of a happy marriage with the PREPARE Program which is designed to help couples identify strengths and improvements in areas of communication, conflict resolution, personal, family and couples’ goals, financial attitudes, spirituality, and personality. The program consists of taking a computerized questionnaire and then 3-6 sessions to provide feedback and discussion with Debra.