Are you looking for the opportunity to discuss and explore what’s going on in your life with a caring and experienced counselor?

Present and past experiences can hold people back from experiencing abundance in life.

Debra Gionet, LCSW, counsels adults, teens, preteens, and children who are experiencing depression, eating disorders, anxiety, stress, and trauma effects.

Common conditions related to these include poor self-esteem, loneliness, discontentment, difficulty dealing with major life changes, work and personal problems.

Debra provides counseling in a friendly, professional and non-judgmental manner. Anticipated changes and ways to increase the likelihood of attaining your goals and considerations for seeking counseling are typically discussed during initial sessions.

Do you seek to heal broken relationships or make good relationships better?

Debra offers counseling to assist adults, teens, preteens, and children heal, deal with and reconcile important relationships.

These relationships may include, but are not limited to, situations including past childhood issues, dating and singleness, anger, communication, relationship satisfaction, and divorce issues. In a safe, comfortable environment, she works with clients to assist them in reaching their counseling goals. Debra offers premarital counseling as well as communication & relationship enhancement programs in a proactive effort to build and maintain successful marital relationships.